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Work on Canopy Park Begins

Construction has finally kicked off after a long wait on a Miami Beach project located at the empty spot that once was the South Shore Hospital. The much-discussed and planned Canopy Park is a vast project that will feature a park covering three lush acres located at the 600 and 700 blocks plus plenty of green spaces, paths for walking and bicycling, a place for dogs to run, a gym outdoors, public art exhibits, a tree canopy and a children’s playground designed by MONSTRUM, a Danish architecture company.

As far as the park is concerned, it is one of the key public benefits offered in return for approval to build a soaring residential tower on the southern end of the large property.

Canopy Park will also boast many features focused on durability and sustainability, in addition to the various sights that are in store for future visitors. These include habitat restoration comprised of over 200 trees and in excess of 100 palms, lots of native plant communities, and even a water management system designed to be environmentally friendly.

To read more about Canopy Park and what’s in store, please visit

Are you excited to see Canopy Park in Miami Beach finally come to life?

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