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TripAdvisor Recommends Miami Beach Restaurants


Many people have come to rely on the numerous reviews and recommendations found on TripAdvisor. The American travel and restaurant website has become something of a source when it comes to recommendations.

One of TripAdvisor’s latest lists is ranking the top restaurants in the United States. If it’s to be believed, a number of those restaurants are right here in Florida, including several in Miami Beach. Eight different Florida restaurants made an appearance, with five of them in the barrier island. The restaurant categories include fine dining, fast casual, and everyday dining.

For everyday dining, the Italian-themed Pane & Vino came in first place. Just a couple of places lower in fourth place is 11th Street Diner, known for its Art Deco design. As for fine dining, the sole South Florida eatery coming in tenth place to earn that distinction is The Bazaar by José Andrés, a highly regarded Spanish restaurant nestled in the trendy SLS South Beach. And when it comes to fast casual dining, head on over to Shake Shack, which earned second place in the category.

Have you been to any of these places mentioned in TripAdvisor’s list? What are some of your favorite Miami Beach or South Beach places to eat?

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