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Stay Safe When You Go Shopping in Miami Beach

Will you be doing any shopping in Miami Beach? If so, wearing a mask to protect yourself from COVID-19 will no longer be an option. The city is issuing an order requiring all employees as well as customers to wear some type of cover when they step into a grocery store, a pharmacy, or a restaurant. The order also applies to those that are doing delivery for drugstores, for example.

It’s worth noting that the definition of what constitutes a “mask” is somewhat loose in regards to the order. You can choose to wear a typical face mask but if that is not an option, you can also go with something such as a bandana, handkerchief, or even a scarf provided that they cover your nose and your mouth. These masks are not intended as a substitute for doing some of the other effective ways of protecting yourself from COVID-19: social distancing and frequently washing your hands.

If you live in Miami Beach, how are you going about protecting yourself? Remember that unless there is a true need to go out such as to buy household essentials or to walk your pet so it can do its needs, it is best to remain indoors.

This update is presented by the Miami Beach real estate team at Blackstone International Realty, specializing in the Murano Grande. If you are interested in Murano Grande for sale, call one of the Murano Grande sales experts at 305-588-2451 for information on buying opportunities and rentals.