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Owning an Iconic Piece of Miami Beach

Several things that have become synonymous with Miami Beach: South Beach, the Art Deco style, Ocean Drive, and the recognizable red and yellow lifeguard towers. If you’ve ever wanted to own an iconic piece of the barrier island, the chance presented itself last week. The city is auctioned off two of the lifeguard towers, with prices individually going for around $500 to $2,500+ a piece when they went up for sale.

In the case of these towers, they were painted to celebrate Super Bowl LIV which was held right here in South Florida. One tower has the San Francisco 49ers logo while the other one boasts the name of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Super Bowl champions.

This isn’t the first time Miami Beach has sold its lifeguard towers. It did the same thing for six of them that had been used since the 1980s, fetching well over $2,000.

While the 2020 auction for the lifeguard towers has since ended, the city is bound to auction off more of the towers to make way for newer ones. Do keep in mind, however, that if you were to become the winning bidder, it is your responsibility to lug the tower(s) to wherever it is they’ll ultimately be going.

This update is presented by the Miami Beach real estate team at Blackstone International Realty, specializing in the Murano Grande. If you are interested in Murano Grande for sale, call one of the Murano Grande sales experts at 305-588-2451 for information on buying opportunities and rentals.