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Miami Beach’s Plan to Return to Normalcy

Miami Beach recently completed its comprehensive plan addressing how to strategically re-open the city, which is scheduled to start Wednesday as it is executed in multiple, carefully developed phases.

Phase one of Miami Beach’s re-opening is aimed at the numerous retail stores and allowing them to resume business, as well as the museums and other businesses throughout the barrier island like barbershops and salons. The second phase of the reopening would start on the 27th and will also require reopening of the sidewalk cafes and Miami Beach’s many varied restaurants.

However, even as Miami Beach moves to return things to some sense of normalcy, all businesses would be expected to obey the guidelines defined for social distancing. This means that all businesses are allowed to operate at a capacity of only fifty percent, and customers and workers are also expected to maintain a minimum distance of six feet.

Miami Beach residents, as well as anyone planning on visiting the barrier island in the coming days, should be aware that for the time being, the beaches will remain closed along with other businesses like bars, gyms, spas, and movie theaters.

How do you feel about the plan? Are you excited to see Miami Beach resuming operations?

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