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Miami Beach Wants More People to Recycle

Could art be used as an effective way to get more people to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint? Miami Beach seems to think so, and it’s using taxpayer money to assist with the effort. Last month, the city asked artists to use their creativity and submit a bid to create a temporary public art installation that would also serve as a fully functional recycling bin. The artist who submits the successful bid will receive $100,000 to bring their vision to life.

Per the guidelines, the structure should encourage interaction from the public by making the act of recycling “fun and cool”. The artwork should provide moments that are “Instagrammable” while supporting Miami Beach’s initiatives to go plastic free. The city has received praise for its strong efforts in reducing its reliance on plastic, becoming one of the first to ban the use of plastic straws on the beach. During the past two years, the city has banned the sale or use of Styrofoam citywide, as well as the distribution of plastic bags with a single use at sidewalk cafes.

Would a social media worthy recycling bin spur you to recycle more often? How would you go about encouraging people to become more environmentally conscious?

To read more about the effort, please visit

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