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Miami Beach Looks to Make Spring Break Safe for Everyone

this week, the Miami Beach City Commission passed a series of restrictions
aimed at curbing some of the rowdiness that has long been associated with South
Beach during the spring break period. After a wild 2019, the changes may help
with making spring break in South Beach a little easier to enjoy and manage.

the new changes, business licenses will no longer be issued to promoters
looking to plan events at bars or clubs during a holiday weekend such as the
Fourth of July, Memorial Day or busy periods. Furthermore, the city is cracking
down on clubs and bars that allow individuals under the age of 21 to enter by
increasing penalties. City managers now have greater emergency powers to deal
with events that draw massive crowds like spring break.

the changes may have positive intentions, they were not met with universal
agreement. A pair of commissioners addressed their concerns that the change may
negatively impact businesses that are responsibly following the rules without
tackling the fundamental problem.

restrictions must still be approved by a commission a second time before they
will go into effect. How do you feel about them?

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