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Have Some Great Sushi in Miami Beach

not for everyone, but there are plenty of people out there that can appreciate
a nice plate of raw fish, better known by its name of sushi. Of course, an area
as cosmopolitan as South Florida has plenty of different, excellent sushi spots
to try, and we’re here to highlight a few of them.

begin right here in Miami Beach. Nobu Miami may seem large yet the vibe remains
intimate. The list of different, curated nigiri is surprisingly large and if
you want, you can even let the Nobu chef figure out a great dinner for you for
a price.

by Bou on Ocean Drive is located in Casa Casuarina, the former home of the late
fashion designer Gianni Versace. The sushi bar has just four seats, so getting
a reservation here is easier said than done. However, in return, you’re in for
an unforgettable omakase dining experience.

North Miami Beach is Yakko-San on 163rd Street. This has become a
popular spot for late night dining (it closes at 3 am) and it includes a
variety of options like crispy bok choy as an appetizer or hamachi tataki
jalapeño rolls comprised of ingredients like cucumber, avocado, and more.

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