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Discover the Story of Sam the Jet Pilot in Miami Beach

Let us tell you a story about a jet pilot who went by the name of Sam. One day, while he was out and about exploring the Pacific Islands and jamming to some Harry Belafonte, he became so distracted he flew right into the smoke of an erupting volcano! Thankfully, Sam survived and even managed to salvage a bottle of rum from the wreckage. The legend of Sam would continue for generations and his story now continues at the appropriately named Jet Pilot.

Okay so the story may be fictional, but Jet Pilot is a real thing. This pop-up tiki bar is set to emerge at the Kimpton Angler’s Hotel and will show up there every Friday beginning this Friday, August 16. Expect to see the Sixth Street side of the hotel become an inviting tiki oasis complete with flamingos, bamboo umbrellas, torches, and more. During your visit, be sure to try the Jet Pilot cocktail made with ingredients like grapefruit juice, absinthe, and cinnamon.

Jet Pilot will be sticking around until Thanksgiving before the legend of Sam the jet pilot will disappear to welcome the arrival of Sippin’ Santa in time for the holiday season.

Jet Pilot at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel will be located at 660 Washington Avenue.

This update is presented by the Miami Beach real estate team at Blackstone International Realty, specializing in the Murano Grande South Beach. If you are interested in Murano Grande condos for sale, call one of the Murano Grande sales experts at 305-588-2451 for information on buying opportunities and rentals.