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Could the Beach Connector Make Life Easier

When you’ve been stuck in slow-moving traffic on the Julia Tuttle, MacArthur, or the Venetian, there has probably been a moment where you’ve wished there were other ways of getting to and from Miami Beach. This may indeed happen in the form of a new rail transportation being evaluated by the Miami Dade County Commission.

Called the Beach Connector, the proposal is being discussed which would involve a rail connecting Miami’s downtown area and its neighbor across Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach. The project has been in the works in some form for over two decades but there has yet to be anything finalized in seeing it come to fruition. As tourism shows gains year after year and generations like millennials choose other means of transportation beyond driving, another way to get around from South Florida’s perennially trendy barrier island could prove useful in giving Florida’s traffic infrastructure some room to breathe. Additionally, it could be monumental in assuaging the woes countless locals and tourists face on weekends and holidays when trying to find parking on the beach, which tends to laboriously difficult.

There is still lots of discussions and paperwork the Beach Connector will need to go through before it sees the light of day. Do you think it will ease the connection between downtown and Miami Beach?

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