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An Update on the Sands of Miami Beach

Jacksonville recently made headlines for reopening some of its beaches despite the orders to quarantine and practice social distancing. For those concerned about Miami Beach following suit, the mayor of the city is telling people it won’t be anytime soon.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber recently stated that the city’s beaches likely won’t reopen before the beginning of June, citing the complications involved in trying to restrict non-Miami Beach residents from heading to the city’s famous beaches. Furthermore, it is not legal for the city to open the beaches solely to those that live there.

A task force from across Florida will soon meet to discuss how to go about re-opening the state in phases. The task force is being requested to make recommendations to Governor Ron DeSantis on a short-term plan to re-open Florida, which may or may not include beaches, by the end of this week. The mayor of Miami-Dade also recently organized a virtual town hall to formulate a plan for reopening.

Should Miami Beach open certain spots, there will likely be restrictions in place. For example, workout areas that involve lots of touching or tot lots would remain closed. There would also be limitations on team sports activities where social distancing is not feasible.

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